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09 августа

Iskadaz. For 4 years we’ve been making the future of agriculture.

In June 2019, OOO “Zavod Spetstekhniki “Iskadaz” is celebrating their company’s four-year period of successful development! During this period the company has made a name for itself on Russia’s internal market and beyond.
In its early days, the company has designed and successfully implemented new equipment samples included in the complex of hose systems for organic fertilizer application.

Year 2017 was marked by the adoption of information technologies. This year, own mobile application was designed to control pumped media rates. By year end, a project was successfully completed for delivery of hose systems to the top priority development area. A system for sustaining the ecology of Primorsk Territory was assembled and tested, and operator training was also provided. Having a three-year expertise behind, the Iskadaz professionals ended year 2018 with excellent results. In course of the year over 15 new solutions for equipment production were designed under import phaseout program.
Iskadaz gives new lease of life to European cultivators, which means the focus is also on upgrading and renovation of industrial and agricultural equipment.
Also in 2018, after the development of compact mobile diesel pumping stations with centrifugal pumps for pumping water-containing substances, a new area of the company’s focus emerged. Separation systems (fractionation) were launched and put to operation. Humidity lab tests show better results than their foreign-made counterparts, 58% vs 65% to be exact.
In 2018, one more business segment was launched: rental of machinery for pumping large volumes of water and effluents. This segment is important for agriculture, housing and public utility sector and construction industry. Manufacturing periods can be reduced considerably through arranging equipment spare parts depot. The company started year 2019 with a sure and energetic step. The Specialized Machinery Plant is increasing its staff, and new shop construction is about to start.
The company is expanding its territorial presence in the South and Central Federal Districts. Iskadaz has seen a 2.5-time increase in regular customer base, the increase is the greatest in Belgorod Region. Customers trust us, and we keep on developing!

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